Dream Job Alert: Elon Musk Hiring ‘Spaceport Mixologist to Whip Up Out of This World Cocktails, Here’s Our Suggestion For the Most Spaceworthy Sipper

Photo: Pool (Getty Images)

In the hierarchy of dream jobs, some seem more out of this world than others. We’re talking about jobs like a caretaker for a Scottish island, candy taste tester, and most recently, a job working for SpaceX as a “Spaceport Mixologist.” This brings “out of this world” to a whole new level, even for the likes of Elon Musk.

While the SpaceX website lists numerous jobs on the science side of things including engineers and the like, it also lists a need for many positions in food service at its Hawthorne, California headquarters as well as the aforementioned “Spaceport Mixologist” for its Texas launch site, also known as Starbase.

If you don’t know anything about SpaceX (where have you been?), it’s a private Aerospace company that was founded by (potential future supervillain) Elon Musk. One of its many goals includes developing technologies that will allow humans to eventually inhabit faraway planets, specifically Mars.

Regardless of whether this job requires future relocation to the “Red Planet” that didn’t look like much fun in Total Recall, it does require previous restaurant experience as a bartender. While we’re not sure just how talented they need their mixologist to be, we can only assume they’ll need to make a mean cosmo(s) or at the very least a screwdriver.


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