Meanwhile at Lollapalooza: Watch Ingenious Concertgoer Dig Up Bottle of Booze He Buried There 3 Weeks Ago, Cheapskate or Full-Blown Alcoholic? (You Decide)

Photo: Twitter

Even though it would seem that COVID is continuing to rampage through the US like a bull in a proverbial China shop, summertime events are happening. Take Lollapalooza for example. Google the music festival and you’ll see seemingly endless crowds of people rocking out to their favorite bands without a care in the world. That is unless they’re worried about how much they’re going to pay for a beer, cocktail, or some other form of alcohol. Well, one inventive concertgoer doesn’t have those worries.

That’s because, in a video currently going viral, a man is seen digging up a bottle of vodka that he buried earlier. In fact, according to the video, this innovator’s fun times went to the park and buried the bottle three weeks before the festival. If this isn’t the greatest way to insure a week or booze without paying crazy prices, we don’t know what is.

“Guy buried a bottle of vodka at Grant Park a week before Lollapalooza and dug it up when he got inside…..gotta give it up to the man it’s a straight-up pro move”, says the quote on the Twitter account that dropped the video aptly named @WuTangKids.

Commentors were quick to point out that there were easier ways to safeguard the bottle from becoming covered in mud like packing it into a plastic bag before. But the consensus is that whoever this mystery vodka aficionado is, they are the true king of the festival.