Meanwhile in UK: Boiling Lobsters to Be Made Illegal, Gives Seafood Dining a Tasty New Edge

Photo: Capelle.r (Getty Images)

Every now and then, news pops up that makes us totally rethink something we never really put much thought into previously. We’ve all enjoyed bright red, piping hot, boiled lobsters. The meat is rich, sweet, and only made more indulgent by dipping it into salty, savory melted butter. Paired with a grilled steak and you’re looking at many people’s perfect meal. Well, it’s not perfect for the lobster. That’s because, while the cow your steak was made from likely received a quick death, that poor lobster was boiled alive.

That’s right, lobsters are alive and enjoying their crustacean lives when they’re dropping into boiling water to cook them. If you’re like us, you already knew that but didn’t spend much time thinking about just how horrific that actually is. Apparently, some folks across the lobster-filled pond have spent a lot of time thinking about it though. That’s because, under new legislating, it might be banned soon in the United Kingdom.

Part of the new bill is designed to protect the “welfare rights” of crabs, lobsters, and even mollusks like oysters, clams, and even octopuses. The new bill would require chefs and fishermen to stun or chill lobster and other sea creatures before boiling them, hence saving them from the feeling of literally boiling to death.

The act of boiling lobsters alive is already banned in many countries. This makes us wonder if it’s only a matter of time before legislation in the US follows suit. While we’re not going to stop eating animals anytime soon (they’re delicious), we would prefer their demise to be at least a little more humane.