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6-Tier Maine Lobster Roll Wedding Cake Is the Only Reception Food We’d RSVP Yes To

Photo: Myseafood

There’s something special about summer-specific food. We’re talking about foods that give you a nostalgic feeling of summers gone by: charred hot dogs slathered in ketchup and mustard; cheesy, greasy burgers; smoky, sweet, grilled corn; and of course, lobster rolls. If lobster rolls don’t remind you of summer, then you never spent any weeks visiting Maine, Cape Cod, or any of the other coastal areas of New England. If that’s the case, do it this summer. You’ll thank us.

Back to lobster rolls. In the hierarchy of summer-specific foods, there might be nothing as seasonal, fresh, and timeless as the lobster roll. Whether you have it slathered in butter on a crispy New England-style hot dog bun or mixed with mayonnaise, seasonings, and diced celery, it’s all good. The only thing that could make a lobster roll better would be if it was made into a wedding cake. Who needs sweet yellow cake and frosting anyway, right?

Well, someone who clearly enjoys lobster rolls even more than us actually made a lobster roll cake. It’s not surprising that this came from a brand called Myseafood. They teamed up with the Maine Lobster Marketing Collaborative to make a Maine Lobster Roll Wedding Cake designed with multiple tiers of tender, delicious lobster-filled rolls.

It comes in a variety of sizes and price tiers. The small size, which is perfect for the lobster-hungry birthday boy or girl, sells for $268. The ridiculous wedding cake that serves between 24 and 48 guests ranges between $854 and $1,658.

If you’re getting married this summer and you opt for the biggest cake, you’ll get 48 lobster rolls, two “lobster love” bibs for the happy couple, a six-tier wedding stand, and a lobster cake topper. What better way to show your love for both your spouse-to-be and buttery, delicious, savory lobster?


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