Nick Offerman’s New Guinness Barrel-Age Scotch Whisky Is Truly a Ron Swanson-Inspired Drink

Photo: Lagavulin

If you’re an avid TV fan, manly book fan, or simply a fan of humor, you’ve probably heard of Nick Offerman. The breakout star of NBC’s Parks and Recreation has since gone on to write multiple books, toured his comedic musings, and still manages to run a popular woodshop. All in all, he’s the mustachioed, gregarious, humorous hero we all need in these difficult times. This is why, more than six years ago, he paired up with Lagavulin to begin a whisky journey (called “My Tales of Whisky”) that has given us myriad videos of Offerman singing about whisky, drinking whisky by the fire, and even had the humorist donning a fake, bronze statue costume to shock a crowd in Chicago. This year, to celebrate Father’s Day, Lagavulin is once again partnering with Offerman to launch his second whisky.

It’s called Lagavulin Offerman Edition: Guinness Cask Finish and he introduced it by dropping a video of him and his father enjoying a pint of the famed Irish stout. Offerman and his father Ric are seen chatting over beers when someone hands him a vintage phone with the word “Lagavulin” printed on it, saying that he has a phone call. He points out that it better be important since he’s enjoying the company of his father. It’s someone calling from the distillery saying that there was a mix-up and they made too much whisky. They need more barrels or it will all go to waste.

The next shot shows Offerman briskly walking into the Guinness Brewery in Baltimore, asking for “all” of their extra barrels. He calls Lagavulin back and says, “The barrels are in route, sir. Every drop of whisky will be safe.” He responds, “How’d you do it?” to which the actor says, “Have you met me?” as he’s seen sailing in a boat loaded with barrels.

Obviously, like many of the “My Tales of Whisky” videos, this isn’t how the whisky was actually made and was created for comedic effect. But do we really want to see a video of workers at Lagavulin simply adding whisky to barrels that formerly held Guinness? The answer is no.

This 11-year-old Lagavulin single malt whisky was finished for four months in barrels that previously held Guinness stout at the Open Gate Brewery in Maryland. This limited-edition whisky has the brand’s beloved peat-smoked flavor as well as wood char, espresso, chocolate, and hints of buttery caramel. It sells for $79.99 at select retailers as well as online and, if you’re a fan of Guinness, Offerman, or peaty Scotch, it’s not to be missed. Maybe grab a bottle for your dad and drink it with him to celebrate Father’s Day.