Viral TikTok Teaches Men How to Properly Pleasure a Woman Using an Egg (Apologies to All You Vegans Out There)

The female body is a wonderland. And a labyrinth. It’s mysterious, full of secret passages, and confusing AF. No wonder that from time to time, you need to consult a map to find your way around. That map, in the modern age, is TikTok. And one new viral video is showing men everywhere how to finger a woman…using an egg yolk.

Kayla Christine is the woman behind the tutorial. In the vid, she’s seen stroking an egg yolk gently in a circular motion.

@kaylachristinee♬ Dissolve – Absofacto

“How men should be taught! dont push to [sic] hard” the description reads.

Then the egg yolk breaks, demonstrating that too much pressure is a bad thing when it comes to the delicate lady parts.

After her video blew up the internet, she posted a follow-up with a few more finger-fucking tips, including: clip and file your fingernails, wash your hands, and get consent.

@kaylachristinee######♬ Dissolve – Absofacto

These videos are certainly a good start to showing your lady a better time. Fingering is arguably even more nuanced than fucking, so it would take a lot more TikTok videos to learn the fine art of this type of foreplay.

Practice makes perfect, but if you’re unsure about your technique’s effectiveness, the best thing to do is communicate with your partner. Different strokes work for different folks, but you probably can’t go wrong with starting out soft and slow.

Good luck out there (and in there), guys!

Cover Photo: @kaylachristinee / TikTok

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