Meanwhile in Connecticut: Terrified Bear Stuck in Car (Now You Know How We Feel Every Day, Buddy)

As Americans, we often feel like we live in our cars. We drive to the gym, to work, to drinks with our coworkers, to sports games, to girls’ apartments (if we’re lucky). Driving sucks up massive parts of our days. And at the end of it all, we drive home and pull into the garage in a silent stupor. Well, now one bear knows exactly how we all feel after getting stuck behind the wheel of the car.

The absurd scene unfolded in Cornwall, Connecticut. We have no idea how the bear got into the car, but it did. Then it got stuck.

The bear got caught because a man named Cody Gillotti noticed something was off. Or rather, something was on: the lights of his mother-in-law’s Subaru. He also noticed his truck door was open and his daughter’s car seat was on the ground.

“I was like something’s not right here,” he told WFSB.

When he crept closer to investigate, he saw fog and condensation on the windshield of his mother-in-law’s car and discovered the bear inside.

“Wow I see bears all the time but never in the car,” was Gillotti’s reaction.

As funny as this scene looks, the bear actually did substantial damage to the car, from scratching the interior of Gillotti’s truck to damaging the power system of his mother-in-law’s Subaru.

Even more outrageous? The bear got away! It happened after a rep from the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) showed up and loaded his 12-gauge with bean bag shells. Gillotti then tied a rope to the car handle and yanked on it, but when the door moved, the bear freaked and blasted its way out of the car. Then it ran off into the night like the fugitive it is.

Thankfully, no one was hurt, and Gillotti maintained a sense of humor about the incident. He’s even considering giving his truck a new nickname: The Bear Trap.

Cover Photo: YouTube