Driverless Car Pulled Over by Police Tries to Flee (That’s What We Call a Smart Car)

They don’t call ‘em smart cars for nothin’. Need proof? Just check out the driverless car that recently got pulled over by the cops in San Francisco…and quickly tried to flee.

The autonomous car, which bore the branding of Frisco-based company Cruise, was pulled over one night by a local police officer because it was driving without its headlights.

Imagine the cop’s surprise, then, when he approached the driver’s side door to ask for license and registration but there were no people inside!

In a viral video of the incident, the man in uniform can be heard remarking, “ain’t nobody in it.” (No shit, Sherlock.)

These cars have detection systems that recognize and respond to police sirens. That’s why the car pulled over in the first place. But the car thought it was getting pulled over for disobeying the speed limit, when in fact the lights were the problem. So, as soon as the officer went to consult with his partner about proper procedure, the car took off!

It plowed through another intersection (albeit at a slower speed) before pulling over to the curb again.

In response to the ordeal, Cruise issued a statement saying that the headlight issue was a “human error.” (Uh-huh. OK. Just blame the non-automatons, why don’t you.)

“We work closely with the SFPD on how to interact with our vehicles, including a dedicated phone number for them to call in situations like this,” the company went on to say.

Well, it appears you can’t control bots as much as one would like to hope.

The Cruise’s attempt to flee quickly became social media fodder.

“Yeah, it may be a computer, but it’s got the confidence of a white person,” Trevor Noah joked on The Daily Show. “That was….that was swag!”

It was somethin’ all right. We’re just glad no one was hurt in the car’s blatant disregard of the law.

Cover Photo: YouTube