Mom With ‘Stomach Bug’ Unexpectedly Gives Birth in Hotel Room, Hope You Tipped the Maid!

It always boggles our minds that some women don’t know they’re about to give birth. Then again, we’ve never popped out a baby, so who knows if we would be able to predict our own spawn’s arrival. Still, this story out of Georgia just goes to show you that reproductive abilities are not necessarily bestowed on people able to deal with them.

It all happened when a graphic designer named Victoya Venise traveled from Louisiana to Georgia for a business trip. She knew she was pregnant but thought she wasn’t due until May 15. After arriving at her hotel room, she started feeling ill, but assumed she had just caught the same stomach bug as her 4-year-old daughter. But when she went to the bathroom to relieve herself, well, a little baby boy came out instead.

“I turned around, and it was the baby,” she told FOX station WAGA-TV.

Apparently, she was 37 weeks pregnant, much farther along in her pregnancy than expected. She named the tiny guy Rocky Andrew.

The surprised mom and newborn made it to the hospital, where Venise was considered a “walk-in.” She was also listed as the “doctor” on her son’s birth certificate and his place of birth is recorded as Extended Stay America. (Good luck explaining that one when he’s older.)

“It’s been a crazy experience,” she admitted.

The silver lining to this unusual story is that Venise, who is a single mom, was considering placing Rocky for adoption before the birth. Now, she’s decided to keep him.

“If I could literally bring you into the world by myself, I think I could take care of you,” was how she explained her thought process to WXIA-TV.

Her graphic design clients even gave her a few days off to snuggle with the baby.

Venise is now looking for housing in Georgia, where she plans to bring up Rocky. We just hope she generously tipped her maid at Extended Stay America.

Cover Photo: Victoya Venise