Live Out a Real-Life ‘Schitt’s Creek’ Dream by Buying Tennessee Town for $725,000, Only Problem Is It’s in Tennessee

Photo: Ashton Real Estate Group

Schitt’s Creek’ was a hilarious ensemble comedy about a formerly rich family who has nothing left except for a rural town that was purchased as a joke gift. Of course, the glamorous family moves to this hole-in-the-wall town in the middle of nowhere. Culture shocks abound and hilarity ensues. It’s a real fish out of water (and tons of other cliches) story. But while the antics on-screen are funny, when it all ended, we were left with one thought: what would we do if we owned our own town?

If you have $725,000 burning a hole in your proverbial pocket you can make that dream a reality. This is because a Tennessee town is currently on the market for that price. It consists of four “general stores” and an ancient barn. It’s called Water Valley, Tennessee and it also comes with a creek-adjacent home.

The listing notes that many of the buildings have updated wiring and plumbing and says that the town could easily be turned into a resort or bed and breakfast. Looking at the photos, everything looks rather idyllic and very laid back, but the buildings look fairly dilapidated for such a large amount of money.

Still, if you have money to spend (and likely pour into it) and you have aspirations of owning your own town in the middle of nowhere in Tennessee, now is your chance. Maybe this town will have at least one or two hilarious, wise-cracking residents like on ‘Schitt’s Creek.’


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