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Sassy Wedgie.

Meanwhile on TikTok: Woman Reveals How Atomic Wedgie Landed Her in the Hospital ICU

Photo: Chala Jan (Getty Images)

Regardless of who we are as adults, we were once kids. And, even if you were a tough kid, there was always someone slightly bigger than you that could bully you. Maybe it was a random child at your local playground, or perhaps it was an older sibling. Either way, you’ve probably had your fair share of noogies, rope burns, wet willies, and wedgies over the years. While you’ve grown up and (hopefully) don’t experience any of these things anymore at the hands of others, there’s a good chance you’ve inadvertently given yourself a wedgie at some point. It usually leads to slight discomfort if you’re unable to pick it, it most likely has never sent you to the ICU.

This is exactly what happened to one North Carolina woman. We know this because she took to TikTok to explain the whole ordeal in detail in a now-deleted video.

Photo: TikTok/imtoooldtobeonthis

It all started when she put on a pair of high-waisted denim shorts for a first date. She realized she had a wedgie and felt uncomfortable, but felt that fashion should outweigh comfort. She was wrong.

That’s because, even though she attempted to pick the wedgie during the hours she was wearing the sorts, it didn’t alleviate any of the discomfort. The next morning was even worse as she noticed a bump where the fabric had caused chaffing.

The pain only got worse throughout the day. The next day she went to a doctor and was prescribed antibiotics, but it was too late. She went into septic shock with a bacterial infection that landed her in the ICU. She spent three days in the hospital and then even had to come back a month later when the infection returned.

The moral of the story? Never choose fashion over comfort. This is especially true if said fashion causes a painful wedgie. Nobody needs to look good that badly.