Meanwhile in China: 300-Foot Sandstorm Swallows Entire City, Cross That One Off Our Post-Quarantine Wishlist (Video)

With millions of mussels getting baked alive in a Canadian heatwave, torrential rains flooding everyone from New York to Germany, and wildfires raging across the west, it’s suddenly not very shocking to see a giant sandstorm engulf an entire city within a matter of seconds.

Such is the reality of post-quarantine life, where we get to witness one crazy global event after another with the glazed look of a man who’s just walked in on his grandma in the shower. The only upside is how quickly we get to cross the items off our extreme weather bucket list.

Surprising though it isn’t, this video is still terrifying to watch, as a 300-foot wall of sand comes rushing out of the sky to swallow the Chinese city of Dunhuang.

Take a look:

While it may appear the wrath of Imhotep has risen again, sandstorms are not uncommon in Dunhuang, which lies on the edge of the Gobi and Taklamakan deserts. Still, the strength and size of the storm is an indicator of a large-scale phenomenon affecting large areas across China.

Case in point: The capital city of Beijing, which sits near the coast (over 1,300 miles from Dunhuang), is experiencing its worst sandstorm in over a decade. As monumental weather events become the new normal, people are quickly having to adjust.

Superslick goggles are back in vogue. DIY sandboxes are being built at lightning speed to take advantage of the free sand. And people are discovering new watering holes to get drunk in that are literal holes burrowed deep underground.

Who knew being stuck in a Beijing traffic jam could be a day at the beach? Isn’t that how it always goes though? As soon as you check one thing off your bucket list, something else pops up to take its place.

Cover Photo: Sascha Grabow (Getty Images)

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