Jeff Bezos’ Evil Laugh After Blue Origin Return Now Makes Us Hate Ourselves So Much For All Those Pandemic Amazon Binges

Photo: Joe Raedle (Getty Images)

When we were growing up, watching countless hours of television and movies, we assumed that at some point in our lives we’d be watching a show and there’d be a crackle, the picture would get fuzzy and out of nowhere, a supervillain would take control of the airwaves. Someone who definitely looks a lot like Thanos, Odd Job, Mr. Burns, or Dr. Evil would pop up on the screen, telling us that they were going to blot out the sun, turn off the internet, or some other devious plot to hold the world ransom.

It never happened like this, but we’re convinced people like Bill Gates, Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos are secretly supervillains. Want some proof, simply take a gander at a recent interview the Amazon founder did after his recent trip into orbit.

Honestly, you don’t need to watch the whole interview. It’s not all that exciting. Luckily, internet hero TheFatJewish was kind enough to make an Instagram video in which Bezos is seen in all of his world-dominating glory. He’s asked if his trip to “the edge” of space is enough to motivate him to “push deeper into the cosmos”.


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That seems like a simple enough question, right? Instead of simply answering with an affirmative “yes”, Bezos screamed “hell yeah!” and then began to laugh to maniacally it’s enough to make even a serious killer’s skin crawl. Obviously, TheFatJewish added a famous clip of Dr. Evil and his henchman laughing to add to the effect.

While we understand this clip proves nothing other than the fact that (on top of making sure we get a giant box of oatmeal less than two days after we order it) Bezos loves going to space, don’t forget that the day he finally pops up on your television screen during your favorite soap opera, we told you so.


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