Meanwhile in New Jersey: House Cleaner Breaks Into Wrong Address, Still Nice Enough to Tidy the Place Up

Photo: PeopleImages (Getty Images)

People have busy lives. Work, family, and obligations sometimes make it difficult to vacuum, tidy up, and pretty much keep their homes and apartments clean. These folks hire people to come in and clean their bathroom, organize their kitchen, and keep their house in order so they can simply come home and relax, put up their feet and turn in Netflix after a long day at the office. Sometimes, they hire someone and don’t even have time to meet them, let alone give them a tour of their home so they know what needs to be cleaned. While this isn’t usually a problem, on rare occasions this means the cleaner might end up at the wrong house.

When this happens, they usually realize it before attempting to go inside. But recently, a New Jersey cleaner didn’t realize his mistake until it was too late, and he was kind enough to detail it on TikTok.

Louis Angelino III of Barrington works a day job at a liquor store but cleans homes to make ends meet. He took a job in Cherry Hill cleaning a home owned by a man named Mark. He arrived at the presumed home and found the key under the doormat. That should have been a red flag because it wasn’t where the homeowner said it would be.

Regardless, he went inside and cleaned for more than two hours. As he was wrapping everything up, he began playing with the cats that lived in the home. This is when he received a phone call from Mark asking him when he’d be cleaning his home. He said that he was currently there playing with his cats. This is when Mark told him that he didn’t have any cats.

This is when he realized he made a big mistake. He looked at the address he wrote down and realized he was off by one number. While we don’t know if he then went over to Mark’s place to clean it, we can only assume the homeowners at the mistaken address must have been pretty confused to see their house spotlessly cleaned when they arrived home.