Meanwhile On TikTok: Hang Gliding Gone Wrong Gets Higher Than Seth Rogen (And With Quite the Crash-Landing There, Top Gun)

Since the beginning of time, mankind has had an obsession with flying. From this obsession, we’re currently capable of safely soaring around in a tube in the sky to whichever destinations we can afford. However, sometimes, this impulse accidentally makes us fly too close to the sun. Like, for instance, in this TikTok video of Chris Gurskey attempting hang gliding while on vacation in Switzerland.

Gurskey nearly falls to his death because man is not intended to fly and God obviously hates him. Also, because the pilot didn’t attach his harness, literally leaving him hanging on for dear life.

Once the pilot realizes what’s going on he tries to maneuver the hang glider to a speedy landing, but God did not allow for that either. Instead, the hang glider flies higher and higher. Cue a Seth Rogan joke none of us will remember since the mere mention of his name makes people stoned.

Halfway through the video Gurskey comments in a caption, “I think my left hand is making an imprint in the metal bar.” No duh. We haven’t seen anyone hold on that tightly since JLo left ARod for Ben Affleck.

However, during their descent, right before the hang glider touches down, the pilot lets go of Gurskey who tucks and rolls like the best of them. Instead, the pilot focuses on nailing a perfect landing, but hey, at least something went right, Top Gun. you give hang gliding a 2nd chance if this was you ? #besties #lifeisgood #goodpoint #intothethickofit♬ Surf music that feels summer – SKUNK

Gurskey manages to survive the experience with a torn tendon in his shoulder and a broken wrist. He eventually went hang gliding again because he never cared about God’s plan anyway.

Cover Photo: via on TikTok



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