Disabled Fish Gets One-of-a-Kind Lifejacket So He Can Swim Upright (Let’s Hope He Doesn’t Go Belly Up Anytime Soon)

They say hope floats – and this story confirms it. One lucky little goldfish has a new lease on life thanks to a caring and innovative woman from the UK. She designed a custom life jacket that helps the fish swim right side up.

Let’s dive in a little deeper. The fish suffers from a swim bladder disorder that interferes with its buoyancy. Basically, the malady causes the fish to sink to the bottom of its tank, upside down. Unable to right itself, it can’t swim normally. The fish’s owners were distraught, so they sought help at The Garden Sanctuary in Wolverhampton, England. Stacey O’Shea, who runs the pet sanctuary, designed a unique flotation device that helps the fish get along swimmingly.

Using plastic tubing, T junctions, and polystyrene, O’Shea fashioned a life preserver that helps the fish float right side up. The weight can be adjusted so that the fish can explore different depths of the water in its tank.

This isn’t the first fish floatie of its kind – a Massachusetts man and a San Antonio aquarium employee both made waves in the press previously for creating similar fixes for their aquatic friends.

We don’t know about you, but the goodwill of people like these leaves us buoyantly happy. Happy swimming, goldfish. Don’t go belly-up anytime soon.

Cover Photo: Caters News

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