Video Shows Surfers Swimming To Safety As Shark Attacks Seal Near The Shore

Screenshot: Twitter/Patrick O’Brien

Well that’s something you don’t see everyday.

When you head over to the beach you expect to get a tan, go for a swim and if you’re lucky get hit on by a hot babe in a bikini. Although that last bit never happens. What you don’t expect is to be forced out of the water when a shark gets super close to the shore. And yet that is what happened on Nauset Beach in Massachusetts.

Swimmers and surfers were ordered out of the water after various sharks were spotted near the shore, with one shark attacking a seal near people. There is even video of the aftermath of the attack on the seal, as a pool of blood forms in the water for all beachgoers to witness.

Check out the crazy video below filmed by beachgoer Patrick O’Brien’s nephew.

“I was in the water…people started yelling ‘shark,’” O’Brien of Waltham said. “I got out and saw blood coming out of the seal…there was blood everywhere.”

Cape Cod Times

O’Brien was visiting Orleans for the day, and said there were two surfers in the water when the shark appeared. One made it to shore while the other was helped by O’Brien and another man, he said. The seal swam for a bit and eventually washed ashore, according to O’Brien.

The beach was closed to swimmers after the attack, according to an Orleans Police Department dispatcher. The Atlantic White Shark Conservancy’s Sharktivity app showed a confirmed seal predation at 1:40 p.m. directly in front of the public beach at Nauset.

And that’s why I have enjoyed my summer in the tub away from sharks or anything that can kill me. Well, sometimes I take pizza into the tub which eventually will give me high cholesterol and kill me.

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