The venomous Australian Rough Scaled Snake with it's forked tongue out. This is one of the most dangerous snakes and reptiles in the world. Photographed completely in the wild.

This Guy Has Been Bitten By A Shark, Bear And Snake In The Last 4 Years

Photo: Byronsdad (Getty Images)

One of the greatest parts about enjoying the outdoors is being able to walk back inside your joint and enjoy an ice-cold Budweiser afterward without tending to a massive wound on your leg. Or your head. Or your foot.

According to LADbible, Dylan McWilliams hasn’t been able to come home to enjoy that brewski very often after his outdoor adventures, and it has nothing to do with the fact that he’s just 20-years-old. Instead, over the course of four years, McWilliams has been the victim of not only a shark attack in Hawaii but also a bear attack in Colorado and a rattlesnake attack in Utah.

McWilliams hit the bite trifecta while trying to catch a few waves just off the beach in Kauai last week. While cruising along on his boogie board in about 15 feet of water, McWilliams said he felt a “searing pain ripple through his left leg.”

“At first, I panicked. I didn’t know if I lost half my leg or what,” McWilliams said.

Photo: Facebook/Dylan McWilliams

Why was his leg suddenly bleeding profusely? You guessed it – the six-to-eight-foot tiger shark circling below him had just dug in for an afternoon snack. After spotting the beast, McWilliams said he swam back to shore as fast as he could, and when he made it to the beach, a woman who witnessed the attack immediately rushed to aid, something he said made him feel extremely lucky.

Photo: Facebook/Dylan McWilliams

But at this point, should Dylan McWilliams consider himself the luckiest or perhaps the unluckiest person on the planet?

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For starters, McWilliams was dragged out of his tent by a 280-pound black bear while sleeping in a tent at a summer camp in Boulder County, Colorado last summer, leaving him with a nasty wound on the back of his noggin. And three years before that? You guessed it  – a pygmy rattlesnake got him while he was hiking in Moab, Utah.

“Luckily” for McWilliams, he has now survived all three attacks and is looking forward to getting on with the rest of his life. Our only advice is that if somebody invites him to an alligator petting zoo next week, he should respectfully decline.