Man Tries To Unhook Shark From Fishing Line And Of Course Almost Loses His Hand

Screenshot: YouTube

While this guy may have been trying to help this small tiger shark, he should have probably expected to be bitten. And guess what? That’s exactly what happened.

The footage, which has now gone viral, shows two men attempting to help a shark that was hooked up a fishing line near a pier in Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina. The video below shows one of the men attempt to grab the shark by the tail only to fail. But he tries again, and this time around he’s bitten on his hand as blood quickly gushes out into the surrounding ocean water.

Take a look at the crazy video below.

As you can from the video, the guy quickly runs back to shore wit his injured hand. And if you were wondering about the shark, the 4-foot shark was actually eventually pulled into the shore and had the hook removed before it was released back into the ocean. So that’s a happy ending for the shark.

As far as the injured man, when medics arrived the man was nowhere to be found, so there’s a dude at home with a mangled hand right now. Well, at least he tried to help the shark.

h/t Daily Mail

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