Mako Shark Decides To Jump Onto Fishing Boat And Here’s The Video

Screenshot: YouTube

As a kid I was scared to death of sharks. This being the case, getting me on a boat was absolutely out of the question unless it was the size of the size of cruise ship. My parents said I had nothing to worry about because, as they explained, the sharks weren’t capable of jumping out of the water and onto the boat.

Well, guess what, mom and dad. You lied.

 Mako Shark Decides To Jump Onto Fishing Boat And Here’s The Video

In a video that would have literally scared the shit out of 7-year-old me, fisherman off Long Island were surprised to get an extra passenger when a mako shark leapt onto their boat. The footage was caught moments after the shark found its way onto the deck.

The shark measured approximately 10 feet in length and got stuck on the side of the boat, trying desperately to shake itself free. Luckily, those on board were able to devise a plan to release the shark without anyone getting their arms and leg chewed off.

The captain of the boat, Don Law, was able to tie a rope around its tail while another crew member hooked its head with a fishing line to guide it back into the water. Don then lowered the shark into the ocean and it swam away.

So as you can see, sharks can and will jump in a boat if given the chance. You guys can pretty much expect me never to get on anything smaller than the Queen Mary ever again.

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