Great White Shark
Photograph underneath a great white shark attacking. The mouth is open showing jaws and teeth. High contrast image of ocean blues and steel greys.

Fishermen’s Encounter With Giant Great White Shark Looks Like A Solid ‘Jaws’ Reboot

Photo: lindsay_imagery (Getty)

Sure, Jaws is arguably the greatest shark movie ever made (sorry, Deep Blue Sea fans), and because of that movie we don’t ever want to find ourselves in a situation where a huge shark’s goal is to hop on a boat that we’re on and eat us. We’re actually fine with watching other people deal with sharks instead.

That said, we have to talk about a group of Florida fishermen who took the day to take their charter boat off the Florida coast in hopes of reeling in some fish. Well what they encountered was instead quite the large shark. How large? Try 14-feet.


Captain Tony Peeples of Southern Style Charters said he was on a fishing trip with four men Saturday off Fernandina Beach when one of the fishermen announced there was a shark on his line.

“I just got through bending over on that side of the boat releasing a fish,” Peeples told WJAX-TV. “I kind of stood up and looked and said, ‘No it ain’t … Yeah it is…’ He came out from under the boat and bit half the drum — 50-pound drum — off,” Peeples added.

Souther Style Charters of course shared video of the encounter on Facebook. Have a look:

Hell no.

“The guy that had him on the rod … the look on his face when he seen a great white shark, it was just like awe,” Peeples said. “His eyes were all lit up.”

A tad too close for comfort: Shark Latches Onto Florida Swimmer And Won’t Let Go

Look, I know that more people die from cow attacks than shark attacks, but that doesn’t mean I want to go swimming when that thing is in the water. I’d rather go swimming when a cow is chilling in the ocean. And believe it or not that scenario isn’t very common.