Guy Watching Great White Shark Splash Around In Shallow Water Gets Attacked By Stingray

When you see a great white shark, its presence is something that keeps your eyesight focused on it for a few reasons. For one, it’s a beautiful fish that swims around the ocean as one of the biggest on the plant. The other reason is that it’s a fucking lethal killing machine that can chew you up within seconds! Knowing that might make you freeze in sheer terror.

If you’re lucky enough to get close to a great white, you’ll want to soak in every moment of the experience. If you’re a safe distance away from it, there’s almost nothing that can ruin it — unless you’re this guy.

While Watching Great White Shark, Guy Gets Hit By Stingray (NSFW Language)

According to a video uploaded by Dale Pearson, a great white shark was in just three feet of water and splashing around in what looked like a panic. Unfortunately, it also had a nasty gash on its back and appeared to be bleeding out.

Dale continued to film the shark (and for some reason wanted to shamelessly plug his winery in the title), commenting that the shark might have been hit by a boat propeller. At the 6:18 mark, another guy in the water next to him shouts, “Owe, that fucking hurts!” Turns out a stingray got him on the foot, which tends to be a nasty mark if they ever get close enough to attack you.

“That’s a stingray hit, I can tell,” Pearson says, adding that his buddy should immediately put the foot in hot water because that’s how you treat that injury, I guess.

This video strengthens the argument that says that even in the smallest amount of water, fish can really mess you up. If it’s not stingrays giving your foot a nasty gash, it’s sharks waiting for you to edge out a little farther so they can make you a meal.

Maybe head back to the shore, folks.

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