Watch This Diver Almost Get Decapitated By A Great White Shark

Photo: lindsay_imagery (Getty)

This guy’s day probably ended with a stiff drink and change of shorts, but hey, at least he still had a mouth to pour that drink into.

According to UPI, a man and his son recently went diving in South Africa, and the fact that both of them made it back alive seems to be nothing short of a miracle. Watch as the son was filming his father when a massive great white shark appeared out of nowhere and just missed taking off his dad’s head.

Watch This Diver Almost Get Decapitated By A Great White Shark

While that clip looks pretty real to us, there are many in the online world questioning its authenticity.

From UPI:

SA Spearfishing said the video was filmed in South Africa by the diver’s son. Some commenters questioned the authenticity of the footage.

“Ahhh… the Great White Photoshop, sadly these beautiful creatures are becoming rarer since the heady days of ‘jumping out of the water at a diver climbing up a rope ladder into a helicopter with the golden gate bridge in the background,'” one skeptical commenter wrote.

That’s too bad, really. I mean, you can’t even almost get your head devoured by a shark anymore without people calling you a liar. Although, that sure looks like the bottom of the Hudson if you ask us.

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