Florida alligator with open mouth and teeth. Please see my portfolio for other alligator and animal related images.

Florida Family Discovers 11-Foot Alligator In Pool

Photo: mphillips007 (Getty Images)

While I’m writing this it is snowing outside, in another sick joke that Mother Nature is playing on us during what’s supposed to be Spring. But if it was hot outside, I would try to find myself a pool to take a dip in. Well, as long as there isn’t a giant alligator in it.

According to the NY Post, a family walked out to their backyard to find an alligator hanging out in their pool. The proof is in the photo. Here it is thanks to the Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office:

Photo: Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office

Yep, not exactly the best pool buddy to play Marco Polo with.

The sheriff’s office says that the gator was about 11 feet long. But don’t worry, alligator lovers. The gator was removed.

And here’s video of it taking a swim:

And Twitter of course had to chime in:

Um…A Fish Tank Is Not The Best Place For A 3-Foot Alligator To Be

That’s Florida for you.