Meanwhile in North Carolina: Fish With Human-Looking Teeth Looks Like a Total Creep

Something’s fishy in North Carolina. A recently discovered sheepshead fish with human-like chompers is creeping people out. It’s so freaky, it basically makes Jaws look about as scary as a goldfish.

Nathan Martin is credited with catching the jaw-dropping ocean creature while fishing at Jennette’s Pier in Nags Head. He captioned a pic of the 9-pound fish with the hashtag “#bigteethbigtimes” and made sure to show off the fish’s terrifying smile.

The post went viral on Facebook, and users couldn’t help but chime in on the strange discovery.

“Is this where dentures come from?” one asked.

“He definitely needs a cleaning! Lol,” another said.

“I know people who would love to have that many teeth,” someone else wrote.

“Sad when someone catches a fish and it has more teeth than they do,” a wise aleck joked.

While you likely haven’t seen a fish like this up close and personal, other fish with impressive pouts – like one in Malaysia that looks like an Instagram influencer with lip implants – have made the rounds on social media before. We just hope we’re never on the receiving end of such a big mouth.

Cover Photo: Jennette’s Pier (Facebook)