Meanwhile in France: Thieves Steal $700k in Wine, Throw Bottles at Police During Getaway

France has a reputation as one of the greatest wine-producing nations in the world. It’s not surprising that the country also has a glut of hotels that house expansive and expensive wine collections. One of these hotels is The Domaine de Rymska Saint-Jean-de-Trézy. Located in the wine-centric Burgundy region of France, the hotel is well-known for its wine cellar and the priceless bottles there within.

Housing some of the most expensive bottles of wine in the world doesn’t leave you much money to invest in a proper security system. That’s because thieves recently broke into the cellar and stole $245,410 worth of wine before the alarms even turned on. But, that heist isn’t even the one we’re writing about today.

That’s because, even though the hotel was robbed on a Monday, in a twist that is so far-fetched nobody would even include it in a fictional heist movie script, it was robbed again on a Tuesday (potentially by the same burglars).

This time, the boozy bandits made off with another $429,596 worth of grand cru Burgundy wines. Because we can only assume the alarm consisted of a few old cans attached to a wire, the second break-in woke the hotel’s owner who followed in his car before calling the police.

In another movie-like twist, when the robbers noticed the police chasing them, they began to toss the priceless bottles of wine at the cops in an effort to hit their windshields before eventually crashing into a barrier 22 miles outside of the city of Lyon.

The burglars jumped out of the car, leaving the stash, and somehow still haven’t been caught. We take two things from this story. The first is that the owner needs to upgrade his security system and secondly, somebody better be writing a movie about this as soon as possible.

Photo: Alberto Pardo Gomez (Getty Images)

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