Your Smartphone Can Tell If You’re Wasted, Yet Doesn’t Stop You From Drunk-Texting Your Ex

Photo: Cecilie_Arcurs (Getty Images)

We all know about the dangers of drinking and texting. After a few wobbly pops, you probably shouldn’t pick up your phone to reach your drunken tendrils out to the rest of the potentially sober world. Drunk texting leads to an awkward conversation the next day with your ex-girlfriend or a very uncomfortable meeting on Monday morning with your boss. It would seem like the only dangers involving drinking and your phone revolve around texting, but apparently your smartphone itself can tell if you’re wasted.

This is according to a new study in the Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs. The research says that the swaying motion of your drunk stumbling can actually be detected by your smartphone.

Researchers studied 22 adults in ages ranging from 21 to 43. So, they had new drinkers to seasoned professionals. That’s a pretty good gauge if you ask us. Each of the people involved in the study were given a vodka-based cocktail that had enough alcohol to give them a BAC over 0.2. They then had a smartphone strapped to their back and were told to perform a walking-based test every hour for seven hours. Most of the time, they found that the smartphone could measure the different gaits and meandering involved in drunk walking.

Lead researcher Brian Suffoletto, M.D. from Stanford University’s School of Medicine’s Department of Emergency Medicine hopes that research like this will lead to apps that can tell people that they’re too drunk to walk around. Maybe, it will be able to alert them to order a water and call an Uber and head home instead of moving on to the next bar. Now we can only hope that someone finds a way to get our smartphones to stop us from drunk-texting our ex.

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