RANKED! The Hottest Tongue-Biting Foods on the Planet (For National Hot and Spicy Food Day)

Photo: Jerome Quek (Getty Images)

The summer is full of holidays. For every Fourth of July, there are 10 random, completely unnecessary holidays mostly related to various foods and drinks. Highlights include National Fried Chicken Day, National S’mores Day, and even National Bacon Lovers Day. While we just don’t have time to celebrate all of these holidays, we’re always stoked for National Hot and Spicy Food Day. This is because, let’s face it, we love everything hot and spicy. We even keep a bottle of hot sauce in our glove compartment for emergencies.

The spiciest of all holidays takes place on Aug. 19. To prepare you for a day of sweaty, mouth-burning fun, we made a list of some of the spiciest foods on the planet. Check them all out below.

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