Ted Cruz Isolated After Contact With Coronavirus Positive Man, Trump Expected to Quarantine This Cruz at Sea, Too

There are a lot of nightmare scenarios coming to life via the coronavirus pandemic. The biggest, of course, is the fact that we’re battling this thing and the guy who is supposed to be leading and protecting us is, well, Donald Trump. That’s a nightmare in and of itself. But there are others. For instance, imagine saving up your hard-earned money all year to treat yourself to an all-inclusive cruise and then you’re faced with two options: either cancel your trip or, you know, die.

That is the situation that thousands of people have found themselves in, thanks to COVID-19. The first reported case of a cruise ship being quarantined was the Diamond Princess, a vessel operated by Carnival Corp.’s Princess Cruises. The ship and its passengers were quarantined at a Japanese port after a passenger (who didn’t seem to show any symptoms) tested positive for coronavirus. At the end of it all, more than 700 passengers ended up testing positive, and at least eight people died from it. Since then, multiple cruise lines have suspended operations, which has inevitably caused their stock to plummet, but money isn’t as important as human life and the rest of the world might be wise to take a few plays out of the cruise ship playbook.

Speaking of cruises, Senator Ted Cruz has quarantined himself after coming into contact with two individuals who have tested positive for COVID-19. Senator Cruz voluntarily quarantined himself but has yet to actually take a test that would determine whether he has it or not. Cruz said he hasn’t shown any symptoms, so it “doesn’t make sense” to get tested. Because he is an idiot. Still, at least he quarantined himself. Our illustrious president is still out and about, shaking hands, patting backs, and playing golf.

Though a loyal supporter of President Trump, Senator Cruz did state that the administration has not done a great job thus far at containing the virus. “There are areas where they have not done as well, and they need to do better,” he stated. One can only assume, based on his previous reactions to criticism, that President Trump would have had no problem quarantining Cruz, if the senator hadn’t already done it himself.

Photo Credit: Bill Clark (Getty Images)

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