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Meanwhile on TikTok: Country Bros Shatter Stereotypes, Show Their Pride With Nicki Minaj Flags

You probably think you know what Southern dudes are all about: guns, camo, bourbon. But those stereotypes leave out an ever-growing contingent of country boys that pledge allegiance to the same icon: Nicki Minaj.

We know. On the surface, it doesn’t make sense. But there’s a burgeoning population of rednecks who are literally waving the flag of the “Super Bass” rapper – and they’re showing their pride on TikTok.

These guys all own the same flag, which features Minaj standing in a blue bikini in front of the stars and stripes, saluting the camera like a soldier with a seductive smile. The photo was pulled from a July 2015 profile in Cosmopolitan, though sales of the flag didn’t take off until just before July 4 of this year.

Apparently, dudes are scooping this flag up. It sounds silly, but we have the video evidence right here. Guys display this flag on their bedroom walls, their flag poles, and off the back of their pick-up trucks.

@juanfoster“One Nation Under Minaj” @nickiminaj♬ We do things a lil different round here – Jayden McCoy

@juanfosterBarbzBack Mountain @steven.matthew @nickiminaj♬ We do things a lil different round here – Jayden McCoy

@lhatesmentcalling all barbz calling all barbz #nickiminaj#barbz#nickiminajflag#fourthofjuly♬ Nicki Minaj X SuperM – Kpop?

@nickmurphy.comonly valid flag #nickiminaj #wap♬ We do things a lil different round here – Jayden McCoy

@barbz_povsmy flag should be arriving next month #nickiminaj #Nickiminajflag #queennickiminaj #nickiqueenofrap #queennicki #BARBZ#barbpovs #nickiminajisqueen♬ Starships – Nicki Minaj

According to Mel Magazine, the flag serves “as a queer alternative to the American flag, or even a Gen-Z alternative to the rainbow flag. At very least, the flag demonstrates you’re not only a Minaj fan, but also likely LGBTQ+ friendly.”

The next time you assume only racist assholes are stans for a flag, remember these unusual dudes – and make sure to stand up when the flag is raised. In Nicki Minaj we trust!

Cover Photo: @juanfoster (Getty Images)



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