Lady Gaga

Meanwhile in Olympics: Jordanian Athlete is Lady Gaga’s Doppelganger (And You’ll Never Guess Her Sport)

She was born that way. It’s the only explanation for why Jordanian athlete Julyana Al-Sadeq looks almost exactly like pop star Lady Gaga.

Word of the resemblance started circulating last week on Twitter. “Why is Lady Gaga at the Olympics?” one keen observer noted.

Twitter users had some funny theories.

A career pivot is not all that far-fetched. Lady Gaga (also known as Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta) is quite the chameleon, as one Twitter user pointed out.

No word from “Gagaloo” on the striking resemblance or where it might have come from (last we checked, she’s an Italian girl through and through).

We haven’t even mentioned what the Oscar and Grammy-winning star’s doppelganger’s sport is. Tae kwon do! This look-alike – and her kick-ass talent – makes us wonder: might a Celebrity Olympics be in our future? A Little Monster can hope…

Cover Photos: Mondadori Portfolio / Contributor and Maja Hitij / Staff (Getty Images)



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