Netflix Opens Online Shop, Now You Can Look Like a Stranger Thing, Too (Only More Broke Than Before)

Netflix is a fairly reasonably priced streaming platform, despite recent hikes in its monthly subscription fees (and the erasure of that one-month free trial we all used to know and love – and abuse). Now, the entertainment monolith is scheming more ways to get your money, and it’s doing so with the launch of

The online store specializes in branded merchandise from your favorite series, be it Stranger Things, Lupin, or Bridgerton (come one, we know your girlfriend forced you to watch it). The site hawks everything from T-shirts and hoodies to necklaces and alarm clocks, all designed by trendsetters like Nathalie Nguyen, Kristopher Kites, and Jordan Bentley.

“We’re always looking at how we can extend the world of our stories for fans, from apparel and toys to immersive events and games,” Netflix’s vice president of consumer products Josh Simon said in a press release. “We’re thrilled to give fans a new way to connect with their favorite stories, and to introduce them to the next wave of artists and designers who embrace the power of storytelling in all its forms.”

Prices on the wares range from $30 to $135, which could buy you a whole lotta Netflix viewing rather than logo apparel and quirky home goods you don’t really need. But who are we to stop you from dropping your hard-earned cash on the site? Just make sure you add Tidying Up With Marie Kondo to your Netflix queue so you can clear some of the clutter post-shopping spree.

Cover Photo: Netflix Shop



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