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Meanwhile on Twitter: Model Claims She Was Banned For Being ‘Too Hot’ (You Can Be the Real Judge of That)

Apparently people still use Twitter. Perhaps the least popular of all the social media sites right now, the micro-blogging platform with a 280-word limit tends to attract those who specialize in clever quips. But one model who was using it to build her fan base claims she was kicked off the site – for a highly dubious reason.

Paige Venable is a well-endowed woman killing it over on Instagram with 1.6 million followers. And yet, for some reason, the 26-year-old still thought maintaining a presence on Twitter was worth her time – until she got banned from the site, allegedly for being “too hot.” (We’d embed some of her pics here but Instagram won’t let us.)

“The ban came as a complete shock to me as I’d never used Twitter other than to write a few comments about TV shows I was watching or share photos from my Instagram account,” she told The Daily Star.

The ouster came after she posted a shot of herself in racy lingerie as her profile picture.

“One day, I changed my cover photo to an innocent shot of me showing off my figure – but I was wearing underwear,” she explained. “And suddenly, my account was banned. It made me feel discriminated against because there are far worse pictures on Twitter.”

Venable believes it was jealous women who reported her, causing her to lose 100,000 followers.

“I firmly believe Twitter deleted my account because I’m too hot and jealous people who aren’t as attractive complained or said I was promoting sexual activity. It’s not fair,” the beauty queen told The Sun. She complained to Twitter multiple times but hasn’t been able to restore her account – or create a new one because her IP address is blocked.

We know we’re supposed to sympathize, but honestly? She may be beautiful on the outside but she doesn’t seem like the brightest bulb. (Twitter isn’t exactly your target audience, sweetheart. Haven’t you heard of OnlyFans?)

Oh, and her attitude stinks. This quote says it all: “It’s not my problem that some people aren’t as good looking as me.”

Certainly not. But remember, Paige, looks will fade, but stupid lasts forever.

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