See-Through IKEA Chair Becomes Latest Sex Toy For OnlyFans Models, Swedes Didn’t See That Coming (Did We Spell That Right?)

When you think of IKEA, you probably think of affordable, insanely difficult-to-assemble Swedish furniture. After reading this article, however, all you’re going to be able to think about are OnlyFans models. That’s because an IKEA chair called the TOBIAS has gone viral with the adult content makers.

What’s so special about this particular piece of furniture? Well, it’s see-through, for starters, giving OnlyFans viewers a 360-degree view of their favorite model’s best assets.

The $95 chair with a chrome base is described by its maker as “a transparent chair that mirrors its surroundings, it picks up the colors of the room and appears to be floating. And because there’s flexibility in the seat, you may feel like you’re floating too.”

You may not be floating, but there will definitely be lift-off in your pants if you see an OnlyFans model twerking, riding a dildo, or doing any other sort of NSFW behavior on that chair.

@alliecheeeks #k18hairflip #MyPlayoffPicks #accountant #corn ♬ Pope Is a Rockstar – Sales

In addition to giving guys an eyeful, the chair is apparently practical because sex toys stick to it.

How long until IKEA incorporates these selling points into the chair’s promotional materials?

Cover Photo: @anyabraddock (Twitter)



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