Meanwhile on TikTok: Teens Swallowing Magnets Take Stupid Social Media Challenge to a Repelling Place (But We Can’t Look Away)

There’s no shortage of stupid social media challenges. But hopefully, most of them end in mild embarrassment or awkward laughter. Worst case scenario? You end up in the hospital, like one teen who tried a TikTok challenge that went horribly awry.

A British 13-year-old ended up in the hospital after attempting a “fake piercing” challenge on TikTok. How it works is TikTokers place magnetic beads on the inside and outside of their cheeks or on the top and bottom of their tongues. Apparently, this girl wasn’t very good at it, and over the course of several attempts, ended up swallowing 15 magnets.

Of course, the teen didn’t mention anything to her mom. But then she got bad stomach cramps. At first, doctors assumed she had food poisoning or appendicitis…until she started vomiting black water. That’s when an X-ray was ordered and revealed that she had a belly full of magnetic beads. She was rushed into emergency surgery.

“She’s got part of her bowel removed … it was like two segments of it, so they had to re-stitch it back,” her mother told Today. “They also found magnets inside her appendix, so they had to remove her appendix as well. She’s now left with just over a 6-inch scar down her stomach.”

In addition to post-surgical pain, the teen can’t eat or drink, and is on a drip for nutrients. Her recovery is expected to be slow.

Sadly, this isn’t even the first time a TikToker has swallowed magnetic beads. An 11-year-old boy in the UK has also been hospitalized for the same issue.

And yet, the trend shows no sign of slowing down. “A lot of other kids in the area, schools, are actually doing it as well,” the teen’s mom said. “I’ve got a little niece and she said loads of girls in her class have been doing the same thing. It’s a trend that all the kids are doing.”

Back in our day, the saying went, “If all your friends jumped off a bridge, would you, too?” Now the threats are a lot subtler, but still just as dangerous.

Don’t be stupid, kids. Unless it’s food or bodily fluids, don’t swallow it!

Cover Photo: mbaysan (Getty Images)