Glow-Down Challenge: Women Are Owning Their Aging in New Trend, Showing It’s Weird to Look 16 at 36

If you’ve been in the company of women for any amount of time, you’ve probably heard one of them talk about a “glow-up.” It’s when someone’s appearance improves dramatically, like when an awkward teen turns into a bombshell adult. Well, the opposite can also happen. It’s called a “glow-down,” and a new TikTok trend is encouraging women to show how their looks have changed over the years.

TikToker @gabslife99 seems to have ignited the trend. “I physically peaked in high school,” she said in a now-viral video. “Like, the hottest I’ve ever been was when I was 18. I look nothing like that now.” She asked other users to chime in with their glow-downs.

On the one hand, it’s reassuring to those of us who get uglier as we get older that the people we envied in high school are now just average-looking. On the other hand, the trend could also be seen as an empowering reminder that women aren’t meant to look at 36 the way they did when they were 16. Aging is normal and we should celebrate it.

Take a peek at some of these (formerly lovely) ladies and decide for yourself.

Cover Photo: TikTok

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