This OnlyFans Model Made $100K in 6 Months Using Mom in Sexy Photos, Of Course People Assumed Them Sisters (We Hope That’s the Case)

OnlyFans is where enterprising women go to make money these days. And who are we to judge? If flashing your naked assets on the internet is what keeps you from having to live in your parents’ basement, then by all means, do what you gotta do. Just don’t involve your parents in your OnlyFans content like this woman did, we beg of you.

Her name is Riley Daniels and she lives in Wisconsin. Over the last six months, the 27-year-old has made $100K off the amateur porn platform – and she owes a lot of that to her 48-year-old mom, Teresa, who has appeared in lewd photos alongside her.


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“We are best friends so it made sense to work together as well,” Riley told the Daily Star.

Teresa is more than happy to support her daughter’s new career; in fact, to hear her talk about it, it seems like it’s a form of spending quality time with her sex worker offspring. “I love working with Riley and getting to work from home with my daughter all day,” she said. “I have learned many new skills in regards to social media and it’s very exciting to see my daughter own her own business and thrive in such a competitive environment – especially in such a volatile time in our economy.”

With over 20,000 fans, Riley needs all the help she can get to pump out custom content, make video calls, film video, and build photo sets. But among the more outrageous duties the mother-daughter duo performs is rating male fans’ penises.

“The men send us a few photos or even a video if they are feeling spicy, and we make a few minutes’ long audio or video detailing exactly what we think of their appendages,” Riley explained.


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Then there are the fan-requested videos featuring both Riley and Teresa. If that sounds kind of creepy, well, it is – but to their credit, most people believe the duo to be sisters.

“Lots of people will message saying they didn’t believe she is my actual mum or that they never thought we would be so funny,” Daniels said.

We can hardly imagine working at a family business, like a restaurant or hardware store, with our folks, much less getting naked and filming porn with them. Then again, if someone waved $100K in our faces, we might reconsider…whatever keeps you out of mom’s basement, after all!

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