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Barely Attractive Couple Sure Pulls In a Lot For Pulling Out Each Month in Homemade Sex Videos

If you have to do porn to make ends meet, you might as well do it with the one you love. That seems to be the philosophy of one couple who is banking upwards of $50K a month with their sex videos.

The couple – 33-year-old Jess Miller and her husband, 34-year-old Mike – live in the UK and have been creating X-rated content for their audiences on Pornhub, Fansly, and OnlyFans for four years.

The dirty duo were recently featured on the TV show Real Fix, where Jess proclaimed that their saucy side-hustle “never gets boring for us.”

“We put a camera in the room and people can see what it’s really like when we have sex,” Jess said of their M.O. “I don’t really feel like we’re porn stars — as we’re just doing what we normally would but filming it.”

It’s that organic, loving feel that she credits with the couple’s popularity on the amateur porn platforms. They boast a whopping 900,000 subscribers on OnlyFans alone.

“I get to have sex with my wife every day and love life and get paid for it,” Mike added (which really just sounds like bragging to us).

The funds come in handy while raising their 8-year-old son and Jess’ 12-year-old daughter from a previous relationship. And, yes, the kiddos are (somewhat) aware of what their parents do for work.

“Our eldest knows pretty much everything,” she said. “One is too young to fully know what we do, our eldest was very mature and said as long as we are happy and love them, then it’s not a problem at all.”

If you say so, Mom. Then again, maybe these parents are onto something. If there was a chance you could stumble across your parents’ homemade sex tapes, that might keep you off the porn sites…right?

Cover Photo: @jessmikemillerxx (Instagram)



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