‘The Comey Rule’ Is a Pre-Election Must-Watch (As If You Needed Another Reason to Be Triggered)

Showtime’s two-part limited series, The Comey Rule, based on James Comey’s 2018 memoir, A Higher Loyalty, aired its two parts Sunday and Monday, respectively. If you needed another reason to be triggered (or terrified), The Comey Rule will more than justify another sleepless night. The miniseries, following former FBI director Comey (Jeff Daniels) as he faces a plethora of ethical dilemmas under (and around) Donald Trump’s (Brendan Gleeson) presidency (including, but not limited to Russia’s interference in the 2016 presidential election), feels like a monster movie.

In the blue corner, you have the ever-lasting decency of Daniels’ Comey, and in the red corner, the truly-petrifying menace of Gleeson’s Trump. This is a side of Trump we’ve only seen in our nightmares; a depiction more equatable to a depraved Tony Soprano than the babbling buffoon we so often…er…always see on TV. The Comey Rule aligns the utterance “Deep State” with He Who Must Not Be Named—grim, dark, and likely to give you PTSD…as if that presidential debate wasn’t enough. 

The performances are staggering and Billy Ray’s writing is entertaining, if not timely. That said, critics have panned The Comey Rule as “self-serious melodrama” that does little to clarify events, “further obscuring the facts of already confusing circumstances without adding much insight (so says Rotten Tomatoes). Still, you should watch it. Not because the political drama will change your opinion on anything. Quite the opposite. It’ll reinforce your greatest fears, making that therapeutic release the week of Nov. 3 all the more tantalizing. You’ll feel like a Yorkie who pees when they’re nervous.

The Comey Rule is nothing is if not a by-product of our The Truman Show/borderline dystopian-esque times, and for that reason alone, it’s a pre-election must-watch.

Cover Photo: Showtime

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