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Trump Penis Painter Does Daily Danny DeVito Portrait For a Month, Likely to Say It’s Nice Working With a Much Bigger Subject

We’ve all gone to extreme lengths to stave off boredom during coronavirus quarantine. Some of us became expert bread bakers. Others learned a new language. And a few people escaped into art. As a painter, Illma Gore obviously did the latter. But she didn’t just paint the bleak apocalyptic landscape out her window. No, she painted Danny DeVito. Every day. For a month.


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Day 30 – we did it . If I was a bird I would say ‘Yee-caw’ but I am not. So, I won’t.

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“I paint and I am interested only in that which makes no practical sense,” her Instagram bio reads. This is evident in her feed, which features images of her 12-inch by 18-inch canvases. From DeVito as the Mona Lisa to a DeVito/He-Man mashup to a DeVito-themed Mr. Potato Head, Gore really got creative with the It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia actor’s mug.

What’s it all mean? Don’t ask the artist. “It doesn’t matter,” she told Mel magazine. “My piece either has all the meaning — like really deep meaning to me — or absolutely nothing.”

What the “weird as hell” project provided her, however, was a reason to get out of bed every morning in a world where most days seem like a repeat of the one before.

Going on a celebrity-inspired painting jag is nothing new for Gore. In 2016, she did daily Steve Buscemi portraits.


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November 24th: Steve Buscemi Everyday

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She’s also infamous for her nude painting of Donald Trump – with a prominent, but tiny, penis. That piece went viral in 2016, and resulted in Trump threatening to sue Gore as well as a vicious physical attack by his supporters.

But none of that has stopped Gore’s efforts to both challenge and cheer up her 34.3K followers with her art. Given DeVito’s good mood-inducing face, she couldn’t have picked a better muse — and he definitely gives her more to work with than that aforementioned political prick.

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