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‘Hot Ones’ Releases Card Game So You Can Continue to Cry and Shit Yourself Alone at Home, Practice Makes Perfect

If you love watching celebrities sweat it out and swear like sailors as they attempt to devour super spicy chicken wings on Hot Ones but wish you could take the challenge, too, well, your taste bud-burning dreams are about to come true. That’s because the viral internet series hosted by Sean Evans has now been turned into a card game that you can play at home with all your friends – or those annoying people you call friends who you’d really like to see suffer.

Hot Ones Truth or Dab consists of 250 trivia and “truth or dare” style cards that pit players against one another. If a player refuses a truth or dare or answers a trivia question incorrectly, they have to down a spoonful of The Last Dab sauce, which has a Scoville scale heat index of over two million.

And if you thought being smart or daring would save you from the blistering hot sauce, think again. At the end of each round, all players must answer a question, and the weakest one is subjected to The Last Dab. Sure, you might end up shitting yourself or crying in front of your pals, but it’ll probably feel cathartic given the hell hole that has been 2020.

Hot Ones Truth or Dab is on sale now; orders yours from Amazon and torture your buddies at your next (socially-distanced) game night.

Cover Photo: Complex Networks

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