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Meanwhile on Instagram: Watch Kit Kat Bar Transform Into Razor-Sharp Knife (Finally, It’s Good For Something)

As diehard chocoholics, we aren’t one to refuse a piece of chocolate, any chocolate, even bad chocolate. But we also can’t deny that some iterations of the sugary treat are far inferior to others. One of the less remarkable forms of the confection are Kit Kat Bars. Those chocolate-covered wafer bars that you can snap into stick-like pieces are more often than not underwhelming.

But one Instagram user has found a novel use for Kit Kats, and it doesn’t involve eating them in any way. A mysterious bearded man representing WhatHowWhy Studio discovered that you can actually sharpen the candy bar and use it as a knife. In a now-viral video, the post on the photo-sharing social media site shows that it can cut something as soft as a tomato! Take a look:


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Why you would want to use your Kit Kat as a cutter, we don’t know. Maybe you hate those lackluster candy bars as much as we do but don’t want to throw them away? Ah, but that’s the wonder of the internet – to show us things we never knew we needed to know. At least now if you need to slice (or even stab?) something (or someone?) you can just break off a piece of that Kit Kat bar and go to town.

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