Mandatory Food Fight: Dark vs. Milk Chocolate

Chocolate is a gift from the gods. That we can all agree on. (If you’re one of those weirdoes who doesn’t like chocolate, sorry, but we can’t be friends.) But just because we’d eat pretty much anything chocolatey that you put in front of us doesn’t mean we don’t have preferences.

While there are oodles of chocolate brands and so many different ways to eat it, any debate around chocolate’s merits comes down to one battle: milk chocolate versus dark chocolate. (White chocolate is dead to us. It doesn’t even deserve to be called chocolate.) Which one reigns supreme?

We stuffed ourselves with a lot of chocolate to answer this question. (It’s a tough job but somebody’s gotta do it.) And we were surprised that the winner completely swept almost every category we could think of. (It was a chocolate landslide!) Scroll on down to see which type of chocolate came out on top in this Mandatory Food Fight – then conduct your own choco-challenge and let us know if you agree!

Cover Photo: Image Source (Getty Images)

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