Quaran-Too Far: French Baker Making Bread Using Female Urine She Steals From Public Restroom

Photo: Sol de Zuasnabar Brebbia (Getty Images)

If you’ve paid attention to social media since the world was paused back in March you’ve likely seen your fair share of bread. It seems like everyone is trying their hand at baking. Instagram is full of pictures of glistening, crispy sourdough and gooey, sweet, chocolate chip-filled banana bread. One baker in France isn’t satisfied with baking the usual quarantine breads. Her recipe is just a little different. By different we mean that she uses female urine in her bread recipe.

You read that right: female urine. Also, we could potentially wrap our head around this if it was her urine or even a friend’s urine. No, she gets her urine from the urinals in the 14th Arrondissement of Paris (a well-known shopping district in the city). Yes, she gets her pee from public toilets.

She calls it “Goldilocks Bread” or “Boucle d’Or” and there’s actually a reason she’s making it and it’s not because she realized the only thing missing from her bread was the salty, sweet taste of urine. To make her bread, she fertilizes her wheat with the yellow stuff and she’s doing it to “break taboos over excrement” and to highlight the ability to use the bodily fluid to create a sustainable food cycle.

We’re all about empowerment, but we’re really hoping this pee-based bread doesn’t catch on. Sure, you can save up all of your urine and use it for baking, but we’re totally cool with just flushing it down the toilet. That’s something that won’t leave a strange taste in our mouths.

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