Keurig For Beer Arrives Just in Time, Happy Hour at Home to Commence Immediately

When you stumble downstairs like a zombie in the morning, it’s a tough task to brew a cup of coffee (aka nature’s laxative). That is, unless you have a coffee machine that uses pods. In that case, all you need to do is turn it on, pop in a pod, put your favorite novelty mug underneath and wait for the energizing caffeine to come flowing out to help wake you up and propel you through your day. Honestly, what did we do before this magical contraption existed? Did we actually put a coffee filter into an old school coffee maker, fill it with grounds, and measure out water? How did we ever manage this gargantuan task while mostly still asleep? The only real downside is that coffee pods wreak havoc on the environment, and they are only used to make coffee, tea, and other hot drinks. Well, that just changed. Not the pollution part, that’s still the same. It’s just that Keurig finally made pods for beer drinkers.

It’s from Drinkworks by Keurig (makers of the in-home cocktail maker that went viral a while back). The brand partnered with LA’s Golden Road Brewing to make beer pods. Once you pop in a pod, your pint glass will be filled with 12 ounces of golden and delicious fizzy beer. The first round of beer includes four wheat beers. Somehow (in a scientific method we aren’t privy to), the folks at Golden Road brewed beer and then removed the water and put said beer into a pod. We don’t really care how it works as long as all we need to do is push a button to get a fresh brewski.

So far, the device is only available in Orange County, California. Initially, the only beer available is the aforementioned wheat beer, but if this catches on, it seems that there’s no limit to the number of brands that could get on board. The future is now. All we need to complete our vision of the future is to pair it with the dehydrated pizza from Back to the Future Part II.

Photo: DrinkWorks

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