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The Booze-Filled Claw Machine You’ve Always Dreamed of Is Finally Here

If you grew up in the ’80s or ’90s, you probably spent a good deal of your childhood at your local arcade. On top of throwing down handfuls of quarters to play video games, you likely played the infamous claw machine, which is maddeningly difficult to win. Yet, even as adults, we still try to get that sun-faded stuffed animal behind the glass. If we’d stand there for hours to vie for crappy, novelty tchotchkes, what would we do for booze?

Well, Luc Belaire Champagne just dropped the world’s first claw machine for alcohol. The brand’s version consists of players trying to grab miniature bottles of Champagne while battling a 30-second clock. Sadly, this claw machine isn’t found at your neighborhood bowling alley. It’s available for guests to use at Sovereign Brands headquarters in New York City. Also, using it is by invite only. This bubbly-infused claw machine makes us wonder what other booze we’d spent a whole day (and a pocket full of quarters) attempting to snatch. Check them all out below.

Photo: Luc Belaire

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