The New USPS Trucks Revealed, Somehow Look Older Than the Ones We Have Now

Photo: United States Postal Service 

There are some things that seem to stand the test of time. People will always die, there will always be taxes, and the US Postal Service will always have the same, comically small trucks. These boxy, square trucks have slowly marched down our streets and boulevards for as long as we can remember. Well, while we’re still inevitably going to eventually meet the great beyond and there’s no way the government will ever stop taxing us to oblivion, the Postal Service is actually getting new trucks.

The roving eyesores (aptly named the Grumman LLV) that make up the current USPS fleet are finally being replaced. If you’ve never worked for the postal service, these ancient machines have a steering wheel on the right side so drivers can put mail in curbside mailboxes. But that’s just about the only positive element to their design. There are no airbags and not even any air conditioning.

The fleet of over 200,000 vehicles is in bigger need of replacement than many of us know. Most of the vehicles are 25 to 32 years old. Can you imagine if you were forced to drive the same car for 30 years and it was your mode of transportation for work?

Last week, the USPS revealed its new delivery vehicles. If you’re expecting sleek, futuristic designs, you’re going to be pretty disappointed. While they might have airbags and maybe even A/C, the new trucks look like something that belongs more in Whoville than contemporary America. They’ve been described as looking like Donald Duck’s head on wheels.

Regardless of how ugly they are, you’re going to start seeing them on your street sometime in 2023. Prepare yourself now.

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