Scream Hotline Meme Imagines a Number That People on the Brink Could Dial, Let it All Out, and Hang Up

If you aren’t losing your mind right now, you haven’t been paying attention. We all thought the world was going to magically right itself when the calendar clicked over to 2021, but oh, how wrong we were. The Capitol insurrection, Washington D.C. in lockdown, the impending inauguration, and the coronavirus pandemic – it’s all happening at this one terrifying point in history.

We wouldn’t blame you if there are days you just want to scream. In fact, there are a lot of people who feel the same. That’s the only way we can explain why this viral meme is circulating on the interwebs.


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“Breaking- the void now has a phone number,” @iamthirtyaf captioned the meme (with a credit to @fuckitimarobot).

“Uhmmm yes pls,” one commenter wrote. “Sweet Jesus, I’m tempted!!!” said another. Many Instagrammers tagged their friends – because we’re all in this hellscape together.

There was just one detail missing from the post: the actual phone number we can call. Because this needs to be a thing, like, yesterday. Until there’s an official scream hotline, feel free to scream into a pillow, into the woods, anywhere, really, where you won’t disturb your (probably already disturbed) neighbors.

Someday, we hope, this time in our lives will just be hilarious meme material in our memories and not our everyday waking nightmare.

Cover Photo: Jan-Otto (Getty Images)

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