Poolside Napper Rudely Awakened by Black Bear, Just Grateful He Ate All the Meat in His Pockets Beforehand

Pool time is supposed to be relaxing. And for one Massachusetts man, it was…for a while. While lounging poolside in the sunshine, he fell asleep. That’s when a camera captured a black bear meandering into the pool area.

The bear headed for the water first, where he dipped a paw in the water and took a drink. Then the bear noticed the sleeping man. The animal approached him, sniffed his sneakered feet, then gave him a little love tap. The man immediately woke up, startling the bear. As the bear scurried away, the man grabbed his cell phone and snapped some pics – because that should be your first reaction was an animal that could kill you is in your immediate vicinity. No word on if the bear returned later in swim trunks and toting margarita mix like a decent pool guest should.

Pro tip: next time you decide to take a nap in an outdoor location that has a gate – close it. And make sure you eat all that meat in your pocket beforehand. You never know who – or what – is going to show up while you’re asleep.

Cover Photo: Facebook

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