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RANKED! Best Food-Themed Floaties For Solo Summer Pool Parties

It used to be that pool floaties came in two varieties: round or rectangular. If you were lucky, yours might be brightly colored or plastered with a cool pattern. Now, floaties have become summery works of art, and many of the designs mimic our favorite eats. Why we feel the need to float on inflatable versions of sweet, savory, and salty foods is a mystery to us, but they sure do make pool parties more fun. Since you’ll be swimming solo this year (if you’re adhering to COVID-19 social distancing guidelines, which you should), go ahead and splurge on a few of these creative water toys. They’ll liven up what would otherwise be a dull dip in the pool. We’ve ranked them all, from least to most appetizing.

Cover Photo: FilippoBacci (Getty Images)

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